Logo Redesign services in hyderabad

Logo Redesign Process

A logo redesign services is one of the things our consultants and designers specialize in. You may have thrown together a logo when you first started your business or your logo could have gotten stale with time. Don't be like many other companies and have your company outgrow your logo.

How We Do?

We fix your existing logos. If you don't have an existing logo we can develop a brand new logo for your Company, but we mostly do logo repair/redraw and logo redesign. and New Logo Design Services.The result of a logo redraw or logo repair is shown in the image to the right. Most logos that are admitted to the LogoGuru.in suffer from severe "pixelitis", like in the BEFORE image to the right.

Here at the LogoGuru we redraw tired logos from scratch. There's no magic "fix-it" button unfortunately. The only remedy is for a logoGuru to redraw the logo in vector format. Once we have it in vector format we can then export the logo from there to any size and at any resolution.

Logo redraw Services in hyderbad

Deliverable files

CDR or AI vector art (for professional printing)
PDF version (required by many printers these days)
Large, 300dpi JPG version (full color)
Large, 300dpi JPG version (black and white)
Large, 300dpi JPG version (grayscale)
Large, 300dpi PNG version (transparent background version - great for web design, Powerpoint slides etc.)
Small, 72dpi GIF version (4 different sizes for use on your web site)
Plus: Any additional formats/sizes you request. No extra charge for extra formats!

Other Formats:

  • AI ( Adobe Illustrator Open File), EPS    ( Printing ), PSD  ( Photoshop Open File ), CDR  ( Coreldraw Open File), PNG, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, TGA,  Fonts, Logo Description text file, Web Logos